When it comes to sustainability in the meat and catering industry, we champion sustainability and support nose to tail dining. We encourage customers to utilise all the fantastic cuts of a carcass to help minimise waste, from ox cheek to ox tail.

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Animal welfare is a priority, not only from a moral point of view, but to ensure the best quality and taste of the end product.

We buy locally wherever possible to minimise food miles.

We regularly undergo audits for those customers requiring Food for Life and Soil Association accreditation.

Nose to tail dining

Meat and sustainability – championing nose to tail dining:

Changes in consumer habits; Meat consumption

It’s no secret that there is currently a movement towards reducing the amount of meat we eat. This advice comes following concerns over the effects of farming on climate change and also the promoted health benefits of reducing meat consumption in our diets.

Alternative steak cuts

As a butcher, or a catering establishment with meat on the menu, we can either simply accept that this is the future, or we can approach this from a different perspective. When serious concerns were first raised as to the sustainability of fish stocks, the answer was not to stop eating fish, but to ensure we eat the right fish, from the right stocks, at the right time. Similar principles can be applied with meat.

If consumers are taking steps to cut down on the amount of meat they eat, it follows that they should demand it is of the highest quality when they do choose it. This is notwithstanding a requirement for high welfare standards and reduction of waste in the supply chain, which places an obligation onto restaurants to ensure that they are sourcing quality meat, responsibly.

Animal welfare

We offer a full complement of wholesale meat, from rare and native breeds of beef (dry or wet aged), all cuts of steak, chicken, sausage, burgers, game, charcuterie and offal.

Along with considerations of the impact the meat industry has on the planet, animal welfare is also a priority to Campbell Brothers. Animal welfare is paramount, so we will only work with suppliers who work in an ethical way. We work with producers who share our standards of welfare and who we can build long-term partnerships with, in order to offer consistency in product and price.

Animal welfare policy

Zero to landfill

Campbell Brothers are proud to currently be zero to landfill!

How did we achieve this?

Any of our waste that can be recycled, is recycled, such as, cardboard, plastic and polystyrene. Our general waste is sent to a material recycling facility, where anything that can be recycled is removed and recycled and any general waste left goes into energy from the waste facility where it is burned and turned into electricity.

Waste and carbon reduction

Fleet Emissions.

To help improve our carbon footprint, our fleet of vehicles include Euro V1 3.5 tonne vans.

A Euro V1, is the latest standards introduced by the European Commission to regulate the level of pollutants released from the tail-pipes of vehicle engines.

Euro V1 aims to reduce the levels of harmful emissions including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter, (soot from diesel engines).

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