Skills training

Our skilled and experienced team are here to not only prepare and supply wholesale meats, but also to share their knowledge and skills to offer customers a better understanding of product and how it is crafted.

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Sharing knowledge

Whether you’re looking to up-skill your chef team, give your front of house team a better understanding of meat in order to talk confidently and educate your diners, or provide your buying team with more meat knowledge to help them make informed decisions; Our experienced team are on hand to assist you.


Butchery skills

Our skilled butchers are able to provide meat demonstrations either at customers sites where appropriate or by customers visiting our site. An example demonstration would be the breaking down of a whole carcass into cuts, or butchering a whole cut into steaks.

Our butchers help customers learn knife skills by showing them how to trim steaks etc.

Talk to your account manager to arrange skills training.

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