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We offer a full range of quality, freshly-prepared wholesale meat, cut to your specification by our team of skilled and experienced butchers.

From premium, wholesale dry aged steaks to diced and minced beef, portioned chicken, lamb and pork cuts of gammon, belly or shoulder: our skilled team of craftsmen prepare meat each day to cater for all customers’ requirements.


Along with traditional or well known cuts of meat such as steaks and chicken portions, our butchers are able to prepare products to suit all menus.

Beef steaks can be cut to the required size and trim such as larder trim. We can also provide cling wrapped steaks, centre cut steaks and can package products to suit the customer requirements e.g vac-packed or papered and put into a tray

Manufactured products: We make all burgers, sausages, beef olives, koftas, Cumberland rings and Lorne sausage on site.

Burgers: Large variety of types of beef burgers available with different meat to fat ratios. We also offer some speciality burgers such as beef & haggis or pork & chorizo.

Sausages: We offer beef links & pork links. Pork links come in a variety of sizes from jumbo pork 4s, (hot dog sized sausages), to standard size breakfast sausages and smaller chipolata sausages. We can also provide sausages in a variety of flavours such as Cumberland, Lincolnshire, pork & herb and pork & leek.

Additional types of preparation / products that can be cut by our skilled butchers, include:

Beef preparation: Pork preparation: Chicken preparation:
  • Beef daubes
  • Flat iron steaks
  • Featherblade steaks
  • Braising steaks
  • Diamond under blade fillet
  • Fillet head steak (silverskin on)
  • Brisket slabs
  • Shin towers
  • Ox cheek
  • Pork parcel skin-off
  • Pork parcel skin-on
  • Chicken parcels
  • Chicken cushions

Beef products guide

Beef daubes
Traditional seam butchery is used to remove a relatively small muscle from the shoulder of the carcass. Tender, flavoursome and lean. Cut to 170g or 200g portions.

Flat iron steaks
Connective tissue and gristle are removed to produce a flat iron steak. A muscle from the
scapula bone of the shoulder. A non-working muscle and thus is tender. Depth of flavour from this muscle is good. Usually cut into 170-200g portions.

Featherblade steaks
A classic butchers favourite. A classic cut from the ‘spalebone’ muscle, also from the shoulder of the beef. When slow cooked, the inter-muscular fat and marbling simply melts in the mouth. An explosion of flavours. Usually cut into 170-200g portions.

Braising steaks
Cut from the “silverside” from the hindquarter of the carcass. Stripped of all exterior fat, this wide grained texture of a muscle is ideal for braising steaks. Flavour profile is superb with eating quality second to none.

Diamond under blade fillet
A small muscle from the shoulder of the carcass, expert craftsmen remove this muscle with seam butchery. This product can be utilised for pan frying, finished in the oven. A deep flavour and is a 1 person portion. Usually 140-200g portions.

Fillet head steak (silver skin on)
A fillet head steak cut from the Chateaubriand. Superb eating quality and melt in the mouth tenderness. +/- 10g tolerance. Usually 170g size.

Brisket slabs
Cut from the under sternum and portioned usually into 170-200g slabs. A coarse-grained muscle great for marinading. The ‘low and slow’ cook method is recommended for this cut.

Ox cheek
This cut lends itself to slow cooking but is very tender and flavoursome. Usually cut to 170-200g portions.

Shin towers
Seam butchery is utilised by expert craftsmen to produce a braising steak from the leg of the carcass. Usually sold in 250g portions.

Pork preparation

Pork parcel – skin off
Cut from the pork flank with the skin removed. Full of flavour and goodness.

Pork parcel – skin on
Square cut from the pork flank. A moist and succulent piece. Single
muscle which is banded for presentation purposes. Skin-on parcel can be scored to give superb crackling.

Chicken preparation

Chicken parcel
Chicken fillet filled with stuffing such as sage and onion, and banded with unsmoked streaky bacon. Usually 140-170g portion size.

Chicken cushions
Chicken fillet filled with stuffing such as sage and onion, and circular banded with unsmoked streaky bacon and roasting banded criss-cross. Usually 140-170g portion size.

Diced chicken thigh
A great, versatile ingredient prepared by our butchers to offer you time saving. Suitable for a a wide range of chicken based meals from small scale catering to mass catering events and functions.

Explore our meat

Discover more about our meat with our guides on types of products and processes.

Lesser known cuts

We all know sirloin – but what about the lesser known cuts? Help to use more of the animal, reduce waste and be more sustainable with some great, cost effective, lesser known steak cuts.

Steak guide

From rib-eye to rump and all between. Our steak guide details where the steak is cut from, the flavours and recommended cooking.

Dry aging

Adding further flavour to quality meat through dry ageing beef in our dry age chamber with Himalayan salt wall.

CB Reserve beef

Campbell Brothers premium brand beef range – CB Reserve Scotch Beef that has been carefully selected from the finest cattle.

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