Butchers market report

Quarterly updates as to factors affecting the meat world, to help with menu planning.

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What’s happening in the meat industry

We produce quarterly meat market reports to provide insight into availability and price affecting the wholesale meat market, to help you plan your menu over the months ahead.

Spring Market Report

Spring 2024 meat market report

At the time of writing, we are looking ahead to summer and hopefully a little sunshine, giving us a sense of optimism for the upcoming months. UK inflation appears to have peaked, wage growth in the UK is strengthened by the National Living wage increase, and supply chains appear to be mostly stabilising, albeit at a higher price than expected.

Overall, trading is expected to remain tough and we are committed to maximising value for money and reducing wastage through our commitment to carcase nose to tail utilisation – ensuring that every part of the animal is utilised to its fullest potential.

View our Spring meat market report
Spring Campbell Brothers Meat Market Report 2024

Winter 2023 meat market report

Using a combination of our own buyer’s and sales teams knowledge combined with industry insight from AHDB, we aim to provide you with the latest information on the meat market, to assist you with your menu planning.

Our mission at Campbell Brothers is to procure fully traceable, sustainable meats from the market at the most affordable price without compromising your quality. Where products are perhaps more expensive than normal, or demand has caused shortages in supply, our experienced and knowledgeable team are here to support you by suggesting quality alternatives. Please contact your account manager should you require any assistance.

View our Winter meat market report


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Bespoke products

We make burgers in-house, using quality mince, state of the art mincers and a variety of different burger presses to form the perfect patty for consistently juicy, even cooking. We can work with customers to develop product to suit your menus.

Seasonal recipe ideas

We work with our development chef to provide recipe and menu inspiration using quality meat and seasonal produce.

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