Butchers market report

Quarterly updates as to factors affecting the meat world, to help with menu planning.

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What’s happening in the meat industry

We produce quarterly meat market reports to provide insight into meat availability and price affecting the market, to help you plan your menu over the months ahead.

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Summer 2022 meat market report

Over the last few months Campbell Brothers have continued our best efforts to recover from the impact of COVID, whilst negotiating our way through the challenging market place we still find ourselves in. Throughout lockdowns we kept our dry aged beef stock to minimum due to lack of demand but over the last few months, as the hospitality industry has begun to find its feet again, we are very proud to say our Himalayan Salt Dry Aged Chamber is once again well stock with the best quality Scotch Beef available.

As widely document across the industry, one of the main challenges we currently face, and expect to continue to face over the coming months, is the shortage and therefore increasing price of poultry. The outbreak of Avian Bird Flu in Europe has resulted in stocks of duck being cut to just 25% of normal volumes and thousands of chickens being culled in The Netherlands leading to shortages across the market. If you are going to require large volumes of chicken please try your best to plan ahead and get your orders in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Staffing remains a challenge for Campbell Brothers as we try to increase our head count back to where it was pre-COVID. We have been recruiting for a number of positions across our business including; butchers, fish mongers, drivers and general operatives. We are looking forward to bringing many skilled and talented staff into our Campbell Brothers family and working together to offer the best quality products and service possible to our valued customers.

Once again we would like to thank all our customers who have worked with us during this challenging time and understanding that we must react to market changes. Please always remember, despite rising costs, there is usually always an alternative, whether that be on origin or specification change, our experienced team are always here to help.

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Winter 2021 meat market report

As widely documented across the industry, staffing remains a real challenge. We have been recruiting for new butchers, drivers and warehouse operatives, and we now have our staffing numbers back where the business requires, with some fantastic new people joining the team at Campbell Brothers. These new additions to our team will help to further improve our service levels.

The biggest risk and concern, however, remains with availability and pricing. With prices continuing to strongly march upwards, availability remains tight.

We have been discussing with all our clients the need to react to the market as we simply cannot stand still, and we thank everyone for working with us to support this. It is pleasing that the majority of our customers have been understanding and accept that this is an industry-wide issue and ‘we are all in this together’.

Please always remember, despite rising costs, there is usually an alternative available, whether that be on origin or specification change, our experienced team can always help. Please click here or on the image to view the full winter 2021 butchers report.

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