CB Reserve - premium dry aged beef

CB Reserve beef is:

  • Scotch beef
  • Grass fed beef
  • Exclusively steer or heifer
  • No OTM (over thirty months) or bull beef
  • Graded for eating quality and consistency
  • Traditionally matured – dry aged (minimum 28 days)
  • Fully traceable ‘gate to plate’ policy
  • PGI protected

Campbell Brothers finest quality beef

Sourcing and quality combined with the dry ageing process of 28 days and careful butchery is what makes beef fit for the CB Reserve brand.

CB Reserve beef is available exclusively from Campbell Brothers and is carefully prepared to your specifications. Fine cuts of wholesale beef available of sirloins, fillets, ribs, and rump.

Premium selected Scotch beef

CB Reserve is Scotch Beef that has been carefully selected from the finest Scottish beef cattle. CB Reserve beef is a fantastic menu item to highlight to your customers the fine quality ingredients your establishment serves.

Top specification beef

All animals are either steer or heifer with no OTM (over thirty months) or bull beef. They are grass fed and selected based on a set of strict criteria, to ensure the highest level of consistency and quality. All CB Reserve beef is fully traceable.

Explore more about beef

Discover more about our beef with our guides on types of products and processes.

Lesser known cuts

We all know sirloin – but what about the lesser known cuts? Help to use more of the animal, reduce waste and be more sustainable with some great, cost effective, lesser known steak cuts.

Provenance & sourcing

We work with trusted, approved suppliers to source a variety of local, UK, EU and Red Tractor approved ranges of meats.

Dry ageing

Adding further flavour to quality meat through dry ageing beef in our dry age chamber with Himalayan salt wall.

Steak guide

From rib-eye to rump and all between. Our steak guide details where the steak is cut from, the flavours and recommended cooking.

Have a question?

Our experienced team are here to answer all your questions, from general account enquiries, to discussing your butchery specification and advice on products to suit your menu.

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