Dry aged beef

Our master craftsmen ensure we are grading our wholesale beef on receipt and ageing it to a minimum of 28 days.

The meat can be further enhanced using our maturing process in our dry age chamber to further absorb moisture and add to the flavour of the meat.

Dry aged beef

Our Himalayan salt wall dry ageing room is our favourite room at Campbell Brothers!

The flavour of quality beef can be further enhanced via our ageing process where the beef is aged on our site in Scotland in a purpose built dry age chamber, featuring Himalayan salt blocks to further absorb moisture and add to the flavour of the meat.

The pretty pink walls sit behind the racking in our dry ageing chamber and help to draw out moisture even further, whilst providing extra salt to the air to pack even more flavour into our mouth-watering steaks.

The type of products that can be enhanced by the salt wall in our dry age room are Scotch bone in rib and five bone rib – for rib-eye and cote de boeuf along with loin & ribs, T-bone steaks, tomahawk steaks,  sirloin, rump and fillet steaks.

The majority of the beef we dry age, or mature, at Campbell Brothers is Scotch or UK beef. We can mature meat for a length of time to suit customer requirements.


Comparing dry aged and wet aged meat

Most people know that aged beef is best, but what are the differences in the ageing processes?

The wet and dry ageing process, in principle, works in the same way; breaking down protein strands by natural enzymes. The key differences with the two processes being:

Dry ageing improves the depth of flavour as the meat is open to the elements, drying and sealing the exterior surfaces of the meat. The longer the meat is aged for, the more weight is lost, this is for two reasons; moisture loss and enhanced trimming of dry tissue – which, therefore, impacts on the cost of the meat.

Wet ageing has vacuum packing and plastic membrane protecting the meat from external elements so the surface of the meat is less affected. Wet aged meat requires less trimming compared to dry aged, therefore, is generally more cost effective.

Consumers tastes differ, those preferring a stronger depth of flavour to their beef would tend to default to dry aged and pay the premium; in this instance the meat speaks for itself, requiring very few additional ingredients.

Wet aged beef allows the original flavour profile to come through and is suited to those preferring a more subtle flavour. It also pairs well with dishes incorporating other ingredients, allowing all flavours to come through without being overpowered by the deeper, aged flavour found with the dry age product.

We cater for all requirements, with in-house dry ageing and wet ageing facilities. Please contact our team to discuss and let us tailor product to suit your needs.

Our range of dry aged products

The type of wholesale meats that we can supply dry aged include:

  • Whole striploin
  • Whole rib-eye
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Rib-eye steaks
  • Cote de boeuf / bone in rib steak
  • T-bone steak
  • Whole fillet
  • Fillet steaks
  • Bone-in fillet steaks
  • Whole loin & rib

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