A guide to some of the more seasonal meats to assist with your menu planning.

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The majority of meat is available all year round thanks to flexible sourcing. Wild caught or rare breeds may be less available year round. This chart indicates when the types of red meat, poultry and game are in season and at their best.

Game seasons

We have highlighted the majority of more seasonal game meats to assist with your menu planning. If you have a question about the seasonality of a particular product please contact our team who will be happy to advise.

Rabbit meat tends to be available all year round

Venison meat is available as stags or hind, in various breeds throughout the year

Quail meat is generally farmed and not wild and available all year round

Guinea fowl meat is generally farmed and available year round

Hare meat is most readily available in the autumn and winter months

Partridge meat is in season from 1st September to 30th January

Pheasant meat season runs from 1st October to 30th January

Pigeon meat is generally available all year

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