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As dedicated wholesale meat suppliers, we are passionate in supplying high-quality meat to chefs, prepared by skilled butchers and delivered to your kitchen the next day.

Our range of products are designed to suit all types of menu for all types of establishment, from premium, top restaurants, to pubs, hotels, schools and care homes.

We offer a full range of wholesale meat with full traceability. From Red Tractor approved products and UK beef PGI protected and endorsed by Quality Meat Scotland, to poultry and bespoke products. We source locally wherever possible and only work with trusted suppliers.

Our vision, mission and values


Quality meat for your menus

We source a full range of wholesale meats to suit all levels of catering. Red meat, pork and poultry, specially prepared to your requirements by hand, by our skilled team of experienced butchers. Our on-site manufacturing facilities also enables us to produce quality products such as burgers and sausages, which can be tailored to create bespoke lines for your menu.

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