Lesser known beef steak cuts

Sirloin, fillet, rib-eye, rump… everyone is aware of the popular, well-known steaks. But what about the forgotten ones?! There are some fantastic, lesser-known cuts, many of which are great value for money, cost-effective but still a great menu offering. And they all help to use more of the animal, helping to reduce waste and in turn, be more sustainable.

Here’s Campbell Brothers meat guide to some alternative cuts of beef that you may not be so familiar with, along with suggested best methods of cooking and a guide to the price points of the cuts of meat, to help you plan your menu.

With our skilled butchery teams in Scotland and London preparing meat on site each day, we can supply cuts of steak to suit your requirements. Please contact our team to discuss your wholesale meat requirements and try some new – lesser-known steak cuts on your menu!

Picanha steak - £ mid-range priced steak cut

Originating from South America, picanha steak is cut from the rump cap. It may also be referred to as the rump cover or the sirloin cover.

The name picanha derives from the word ‘picana’ – which was the Spanish / Portuguese name for a pole used to herd cattle. This cut is lean and has a delicate flavour and is ideal for barbeque / open grill cooking.

Beef daubes - £ premium priced steak cut

Beef chuck daubes are cut from the chuck (shoulder) eye. The shape is held using roasting bands. The name daube derives from the braising pot used for cooking – known in France as the ‘daubiere’.

Known for use in classic French dishes such as stews, beef daubes are great for braising / slow cooking and working well sous vide.

Feather blade steaks - £ mid-range priced steak cut

Cut from the chuck (shoulder), feather blade – or feather steaks as they are also known, are named so due to the feather-like tissue running through the cut.

Feather blade steaks tend to have a sweet flavour and melt in the mouth when slow braised. If serving pan fried/grilled, they are best rare/medium rare so as not to become tough.

Bavette steak - £ mid-range priced steak cut

Also known as ‘flank’, bavette is taken from the thick body skirt inside the diaphragm of the animal.

Bavette steak works well marinated and is great for dishes such as fajitas – where the steak can be easily cut into thin strips for quick frying.

Deckle steak - £ premium priced steak cut

Deckle steaks are cut from the rib eye cap, which is the muscle that sits over the top of the rib eye.

Deckle is a versatile cut, usually heavily marbled and full of flavour.

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