Finest quality beef

As dedicated wholesale beef suppliers, we are passionate in supplying high-quality meat to caterers. Our beef is excellent quality, making it the top choice for chefs in some of the country’s finest restaurants.

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All forms of beef for all types of catering

We offer a full range of beef to suit all levels of catering, from beef trim, beef mince, beef burgers – made on-site in our burger press, all cuts of steak, ribs of beef, dry aged beef, wet aged beef and right through to the full animal. Our range of products are designed to suit all types of menu for all types of establishment, from premium, top restaurants, to pubs, hotels, schools and care homes – we have beef to suit all price points.

Locally sourced meat

We believe great beef comes from well cared for animals, so our buyers work with approved suppliers to ensure quality and consistency in the beef we supply. We work with fantastic suppliers in the UK.

We procure from a selection of breeds across the UK & Ireland, including, Angus, Belted Galloway, Ruby Red, Shorthorn, Ling & Hereford cattle.

Campbell brothers are also proud to supply beef brands from across the globe, again with no compromise given on the audit trail nor the quality we would expect to receive. The types of beef we are able to source from overseas includes: Uruguayan Black Angus Beef; Brazilian grass-fed herd beef from Minerva – who are one of the finest South American beef suppliers in the market; and Australian grain fed beef.

Reassurance for you

When it comes to beef, our strict selection process leaves no stone unturned. We simply do not accept or trade in young bull beef or over thirty-month (OTM) cattle. Our UK beef is PGI protected and endorsed by Quality Meat Scotland. We are also Red Tractor approved, meaning, should your chosen steak line feature Scottish or English beef for example, support can be offered from these institutes which may include marketing & information to assist with staff training.

The selection process and partnerships we have with our procurement partners ensures we only accept cuts from animals that produce quality, our preference on cattle selection is to only accept carcass grade R4L or R4H (being the carcass confirmation/grade of fat) and taken from sides of beef ranging from 180-220kg. This guarantees consistency when cutting that steaks are uniform and the beef, after ageing, will eat well. If the product is not selected correctly at the start of the chain, then the meat will not be to the standard that Campbell Brothers are known for, hence why we are proud of our processes that ensure we audit our supply partners to give us the farm to fork assurance required.

On-site meat maturation

Our purpose built dry ageing room enables us to mature beef to customers requirements, The process helps to add even more flavour to steaks, further enhanced by our Himylayan salt wall.

Our wholesale dry-aged beef is graded on receipt and aged to a minimum of 28 days. The meat can be further enhanced using our maturing process in our dry age chamber to further absorb moisture and add to the flavour of the meat.

The majority of the beef we mature, at Campbell Brothers is Scotch or UK beef. We can mature meat for a length of time to suit customer requirements.

Explore more about beef

Discover more about our beef with our guides on types of products and processes.

Lesser known cuts

We all know sirloin – but what about the lesser known cuts? Help to use more of the animal, reduce waste and be more sustainable with some great, cost effective, lesser known steak cuts.

Steak guide

From ribeye to rump and all between. Our steak guide details where the steak is cut from, the flavours and recommended cooking.

Dry ageing

Adding further flavour to quality meat through dry ageing beef in our dry age chamber with Himalayan salt wall.

CB Reserve beef

Campbell Brothers premium brand beef range – CB Reserve Scotch Beef that has been carefully selected from the finest cattle.

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Our experienced team are here to answer all your questions, from general account enquiries, to discussing your butchery specification and advice on products to suit your menu.

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