We are national suppliers of wholesale halal meat

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As national wholesale meat suppliers of halal products, we prioritise quality and ethical sourcing. Our commitment to premium halal options spans a diverse range of products, making us trusted suppliers dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We go the extra mile to meet the unique dietary needs of diverse communities, ensuring strict measures to prevent cross-contamination between halal and non-halal products with separate storage, equipment, and processing areas in place.

Our commitment to halal compliance and operation

Campbell Brothers maintains strict adherence to halal standards throughout our meat production process. We source meat exclusively from certified halal suppliers who adhere to global standards and ethical practices, including humane slaughtering methods.

Our facilities undergo regular audits by experienced halal certification bodies to ensure compliance with Islamic dietary laws at every stage, from sourcing to distribution. This commitment assures consumers of the authenticity and integrity of our halal products, providing them with confidence in our halal compliance.

Our selection of wholesale halal meats

Enjoy premium halal options from our curated selection of wholesale meats, sourced exclusively from certified suppliers. Our range of wholesale halal meats includes succulent lamb, beef, chicken, and turkey, processed with care.

With our halal accreditation, we uphold the highest quality and cultural standards, offering products that reflect our commitment to excellence, so you know you can trust in the authenticity and superior quality of our wholesale halal meats.

Halal Beef

Campbell Brothers’ premium halal beef, is sourced from certified suppliers to ensure authenticity and compliance with Islamic standards. Our meticulously processed beef, available in various cuts, delivers a dining experience that aligns with ethical and halal principles, promising unparalleled quality.

Halal Chicken

Our premium halal Chicken products are sourced from certified suppliers and offering a variety of cuts including breast fillets, legs, thighs, and whole chickens. Our strict adherence to regulations guarantees authenticity and quality, providing a premium selection for your culinary needs.

Halal Lamb

Savour the exceptional quality of our halal Lamb, sourced from certified suppliers to ensure authenticity and ethical practices. Our lamb selection offers premium cuts like tender chops, succulent leg roasts, and flavourful minced lamb. Rigorous attention to regulations ensures a superior product and a delightful dining experience.

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