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Suppliers of quality meat – and quality inspiration!

As well as supplying caterers with great meat, we also aim to supply you with great inspiration! We do our best to keep our customers up to date with the latest news and factors effecting the industry to help you plan your menus and make swaps where needed. We also work with our development chef to offer you recipe inspiration. We also work with our knowledgeable team to offer you tips and guides to our meat!

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  • The Juice Fresh Trends Report 2024

    The Juice Fresh Trends Report 2024 combines the insight of experienced greengrocers, fishmongers and our butchery experts from Campbell Brothers, with support from our industry partners, to showcase how the sector can meet consumers’ dining expectations over the coming year.

    The report has been created to support chefs and operators, featuring insights into the best sellers and rising stars within the fresh ingredients world, recipe inspiration, and our 4 key menu trends for 2024.

    Download The Juice Fresh Trends Report Here

    Recipe ideas

    We work with our development chef to create seasonal recipes using our range of meat. The recipes vary to suit all types of catering. An example recipe is below. Check out our full range of meat recipes here.

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    Wondering what the benefits of wet and dry ageing are? Want to know more about PGI? In our frequently asked questions section you’ll find all your meat questions answered, along with account query information.

    PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. PGI is an EU scheme to protect and promote high quality traditional and regional food products unique to a geographic area.

    Scotch beef PGI is meat sourced from selected farms in Scotland. When you see the Scotch Beef PGI logo, you can be confident that the beef was born, reared, and processed in Scotland and held whole life quality assurance.

    OTM beef is cattle that is ‘Over Thirty Months’ old.

    Wet ageing is a process of maturing meat to add flavour and increase the tenderness of the meat. Meat can be wet aged for 4 days and longer. The wet ageing process allows enzymes in the meats juices to break down the collagen between the muscle fibres. An alternative to wet ageing meat would be dry ageing.

    Wet aged meat is vacuum packed with a plastic membrane protecting the meat from external elements, so the surface of the meat is less affected. Wet aged meat requires less trimming compared to dry aged, therefore, is generally more cost effective.

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