We are national steak wholesale suppliers

At Campbell Brothers, beef is our passion. We have a large variety of fantastic steak cuts available, that are freshly prepared in house by our skilled butchers. As fully certified catering butchers, all our UK beef is PGI protected and endorsed by Quality Meat Scotland. We are Red Tractor approved and work with AHDB, who provide fantastic support for the industry.

Fully Traceable and Responsibly Sourced

We procure from a selection of breeds across the UK & Ireland, including, Angus, Belted Galloway, Ruby Red, Shorthorn, Ling & Hereford cattle. This allows us to offer a vast range of quality steaks available from rump to ribeye and everything in-between.

Our selection of products are designed to suit all types of menus, for all types of establishment, so you can choose the best cut to achieve the flavour and texture desired for the dishes on your menu.

Why Should You Buy Steaks From Us?

We deliver daily, direct to your establishment, giving you the confidence that you are receiving high-quality steaks in time for your service.

Our skilled butchers can prepare cuts bespoke to your requirements, available to buy in large quantities, so you can be sure we are able to cater to all of your guests.

Order Steak Today!

Our experienced sales team are on hand to assist you with any questions or account queries you way have prior to placing your order with us.

They are available to discuss butchery specifications for your bespoke requirements and advise you on the best options we can offer to suit your menu, so you can feel confident when ordering large quantities with us.

Explore Our Range of Locally Sourced, High Quality Steaks:

Our entire product range is quality checked and processed with the highest standard of food safety. From premium, top restaurants, to pubs, hotels, schools and care homes – we have steak cuts appropriate for a range of guests to suit all price points, without compromising on quality.

The Fibrous One…

Bavette steak is lean and slim cut with a defined grain. It has a gamey texture, beefy flavour and absorbs juices well.

The Tender One…

Fillet is a divine, thick cut steak. It is lean with minimal marbling and tender with a delicate flavour.

The Juicy One…

Succulent, tasty and moist, a forerib steak is a delicious meaty steak and is even perfect for a Sunday roast.

The Bold One…

Ribeye is a universal cut enjoyed by many. It’s thick and juicy, well marbled and flavourful.

The Lean One…

Sirloin steaks are lean, mildly tender, juicy and very tasty. A perfect middle way between a succulent ribeye and a tender fillet.

The 'Best Of Both' One…

This two-sided bone-in steak covers all the bases. It is lean and tender with a delicate flavour on one side and a beefier flavour on the other giving an extra-ordinary dining experience.

The Show Stopping One…

A tomahawk is a thick, juicy steak cut with plenty of marbling and therefore plenty of rich flavour. It is eye-catching with a full rib bone attached and perfect for sharing.

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Our experienced team are here to answer all your questions, from general account enquiries, to discussing your butchery specification and advice on products to suit your menu.

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