We are national suppliers of T-bone steak

The highest standard of food safety is used in the processing of our product line. We have an inclusive steak range enabling us to cater for a wide variety of customers at different price points, including restaurants, high-end bars and hotels, as well as schools and healthcare facilities, all without sacrificing quality.

What are qualities of T-bone steak?

T-bones are large steaks in size and thickness and as they are two different steaks in one cut have many desirable qualities. The fillet side is lean and exquisitely tender, whilst the strip short loin side is also lean, but is slightly marbled with a thick trimming of fat so has a richer flavour.

You can be sure that each individual T-bone steak sold by Campbell Brothers is of the greatest calibre. We even go to great lengths to ensure that our steaks can be traced back to their source. Want premium T-bone steak from an esteemed meat supplier for your establishment? We’re here to provide.

How are T-bone Steaks prepared?

We are extremely proud of our butchering skills. Our expert butchers expertly produce superior T-bone steaks by hand in our specialised facilities because we are aware of the demand for them.

You can be sure that the T-bone steaks you order from Campbell Brothers will be of the best and most reliable quality, fully traceable, and red-tractor guaranteed. By obtaining all of our meat from local sources, we also help support British farming, which is something we are passionate about.

As experts in meat, we have perfected the technique for butchering, preparing, and trimming mouth-watering T-bone steaks. Our butchers can event trim your steaks to the precise size you need for your recipe.

How to cook T-bone steak:

T-bone steak are best cooked up to medium, but can be cooked to any degree for the consumer. As they are quite large, they are a great sharing steak so are good show stopping centrepiece in a recipe for multiple diners and are frequently used in American cuisine.

Explore our other high quality steaks:

The fibrous one…

Bavette steak is lean and slim cut with a defined grain. It has a gamey texture, beefy flavour and absorbs juices well.

The tender one…

Fillet is a divine, thick cut steak. It is lean with minimal marbling and tender with a delicate flavour.

The juicy one…

Succulent, tasty and moist, a forerib steak is a delicious meaty steak and is even perfect for a Sunday roast.

The bold one...

Ribeye is a universal cut enjoyed by many. It’s thick and juicy, well marbled and flavourful.

The lean one…

Sirloin steaks are lean, mildly tender, juicy and very tasty. A perfect middle way between a succulent ribeye and a tender fillet.

The show stopping one…

A tomahawk is a thick, juicy steak cut with plenty of marbling and therefore plenty of rich flavour. It is eye-catching with a full rib bone attached and perfect for sharing.

The steak lover's one...

With little marbling, rump steak is a more lean, healthier cut of steak that packs a punch with a rich beefy flavour and meaty texture.

The decadent one...

Small in size, but made up for in thickness, the Chateaubriand is one of the most tender steak cuts with a melt in your mouth texture and delicate beefy flavour.

The double-sided one...

With a succulent sirloin on one side and a tender fillet on the other, the prized porterhouse cut is a sizeable steak ideal for sharing as a meal for two

The flat iron one...

Although the featherblade steak has a coarser grain, it is extremely tender and well marbled which lends a delicious, rich beefy flavour to the meat

The gaucho's favourite one...

The picanha cut originating from Brazil is a juicy, thick-grained steak with a cap of fat and distinctive crescent shape. Its coarse grain makes it perfect for direct heat grilling

The braising one...

Flavourful and budget-friendly, beef daube is a delicious shoulder steak that can be slow-cooked to achieve a desirable tenderness much like the more coveted steak cuts

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