Additional meat products

Aside from wholesale chicken, pork, beef and lamb, we have a full range of other wholesale meats and products including duck, goose, sausages, burgers, haggis, charcuterie and game. Our full range includes products to suit all styles and levels of catering.

Campbell Brothers finest quality duck

The majority of the duck that we source is from France, or on occasion from other EU countries.

We can source duck breast, duck leg, whole duck along with ready cooked and sliced duck or smoked duck breast.

Made in-house with bespoke products available


Our speciality sausages are freshly made to order, in-house. We work to ensure consistency of taste, texture, size and quality.

We make bespoke sausages in a range of sizes using quality ingredients. We supply a range of QMS pork sausages. We work with approved UK & EU suppliers for our wholesale pork.

For customers requiring their own specific recipe of sausages, we can work with you to develop new flavours to give you a bespoke sausage offering on your menu for a consistent ‘in-house’ style.

With our extensive range of quality meats, we are able to produce a wide selection of sausage flavours.

In the standard range we have items such as pork and leek sausages, Cumberland sausages, Lincolnshire sausages, Lorne (square) sausage, and pork and herb sausages. We also offer gluten free sausages along with a great range of locally sourced sticks or rings of black pudding.

Our full range of sausages is available to view and order online via the freshfoodhub or listed below. If you require a bespoke solution, please contact your account manager (link to contact us) who will be able to advise on minimum order quantities etc.

Burgers and kebabs

We make burgers in-house, using quality mince. The majority of the wholesale beef trim we buy is Scotch beef, but we also offer Aberdeen Angus trim. Our expert butchers perfectly balance the amount of lean and fat for maximum texture and taste. We use state of the art mincers and a variety of different burger presses to form the perfect patty for consistently juicy, even cooking. We offer a full complement of burgers to fit all catering requirements.

Our in-house burger production enables us to add seasoning and alter recipes to create new burger flavours. We work with customers to produce bespoke burgers to suit your menu with size capabilities from 2oz to 10oz. With our in-house burgers, we are able to ensure consistency in product. Our network of meat suppliers enables us to offer a range of burgers including standard beef burgers, gourmet burgers, UK Red Tractor burgers, Aberdeen Angus burgers and more!

In addition to beef burgers, we also offer wholesale lamb burgers and lamb kofta kebabs and lamb meatballs.

Fresh and frozen game

Venison is one of the main game products we supply. We stock venison haunch, saddle, diced and can trim which we are able to use to make burgers or sausages. Our venison is fresh when it is in seasons otherwise it will be frozen.

We stock a small amount of frozen game birds such as pheasant breast, wood pigeon breast and guinea fowl.

Cooked meats and continental meats ideal for platters

We work with local producers, to source our cooked meats and local and overseas producers for our charcuterie range.

We offer hams from the finest pork legs available as a joint, sliced, or shaved. We can also source cooked beef and turkey.

We source a full range of charcuterie and continental meats such as Milano and Napoli salami, chorizo, Serrano and Parma ham, pancetta, pepperoni, proscicutto. Our range of charcuterie is ideal for restaurants offering sharing platters and mixed boards. For a full range of charcuterie or to discuss your requirements please contact our team.

Explore our meat

Discover more about our meat with our guides on types of products and processes.

Lesser known cuts

We all know sirloin – but what about the lesser known cuts? Help to use more of the animal, reduce waste and be more sustainable with some great, cost effective, lesser known steak cuts.

Steak guide

From rib-eye to rump and all between. Our steak guide details where the steak is cut from, the flavours and recommended cooking.

Dry ageing

Adding further flavour to quality meat through dry ageing beef in our dry age chamber with Himalayan salt wall.

CB Reserve beef

Campbell Brothers premium brand beef range – CB Reserve Scotch Beef that has been carefully selected from the finest cattle.

Have you got beef?!

We pride ourselves on our fantastic beef, with dry age facilities and skilled butchers preparing cuts to suit your requirements.

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