We are national suppliers of Rib-eye steak

As a wholesale meat supplier, we have a great range of delicious, high quality ribeye steaks available to order, to give your guests an extraordinary eating experience.

What are the qualities of Rib-eye steak?

Ribeye is known as the ‘King of steaks’ and is served boneless. As a sizable thick cut of beef it is one of the most popular cuts and a good all round steak because it encompasses all the desirable elements of a steak. Being cut from the rib section, which does little work, it is considerably tender with an incredibly rich beefy flavour due to the eye of fat in the middle and ribbons of fat throughout rendering down into a juice when cooked, helping keep the meat moist.

We at Campbell Brothers take great pride in the quality of all the meat we provide. Ribeyes are one of the most popular steak cuts and we take great care in where we get source them, we also ensure each steak has traceability to its source. If you want a premium steak for your menu from a trusted meat supplier, look no further.

How are Rib-eye steaks prepared?

When it comes to our butchery, we take great pride. We know that ribeye steaks are in popular demand, so our skilled butchers take great care in preparing them by hand in our cutting-edge butchering facilities.

You can rest assured that the ribeye steak you order from Campbell Brothers will be of the highest and most consistent quality, as well as, fully traceable and red-tractor guaranteed. We also encourage supporting British farmers, by locally sourcing all of our meats.

As meat experts, we are knowledgeable in butchering, trimming, and preparing high-quality ribeye steaks. We can assist you if you need a steak cut or trimmed to a specific specification; you might even say our skilled butchers can “meat” your requirements.

Looking for inspiration?

Ribeye steaks are best cooked to the medium range degrees as it takes a little longer for the fat to render in order to lubricate the meat when cooking. However, ribeye is a tender cut, but will become less so the closer it is too well done.

Explore our other high quality steaks:

We provide a wide range of flavoursome prime steak cuts, from those more expensive, well-known and in-demand cuts to less popular cuts that can be used in creative ways to invent the best dishes even with less expensive cuts.

The fibrous one…

Bavette steak is lean and slim cut with a defined grain. It has a gamey texture, beefy flavour and absorbs juices well.

The tender one…

Fillet is a divine, thick cut steak. It is lean with minimal marbling and tender with a delicate flavour.

The juicy one…

Succulent, tasty and moist, a forerib steak is a delicious meaty steak and is even perfect for a Sunday roast.

The lean one…

Sirloin steaks are lean, mildly tender, juicy and very tasty. A perfect middle way between a succulent ribeye and a tender fillet.

The 'best of both' one…

This two-sided bone-in steak covers all the bases. It is lean and tender with a delicate flavour on one side and a beefier flavour on the other giving an extra-ordinary dining experience.

The show stopping one…

A tomahawk is a thick, juicy steak cut with plenty of marbling and therefore plenty of rich flavour. It is eye-catching with a full rib bone attached and perfect for sharing.

The steak lover's one...

With little marbling, rump steak is a more lean, healthier cut of steak that packs a punch with a rich beefy flavour and meaty texture.

The decadent one...

Small in size, but made up for in thickness, the Chateaubriand is one of the most tender steak cuts with a melt in your mouth texture and delicate beefy flavour.

The double-sided one...

With a succulent sirloin on one side and a tender fillet on the other, the prized porterhouse cut is a sizeable steak ideal for sharing as a meal for two

The flat iron one...

Although the featherblade steak has a coarser grain, it is extremely tender and well marbled which lends a delicious, rich beefy flavour to the meat

The gaucho's favourite one...

The picanha cut originating from Brazil is a juicy, thick-grained steak with a cap of fat and distinctive crescent shape. Its coarse grain makes it perfect for direct heat grilling

The braising one...

Flavourful and budget-friendly, beef daube is a delicious shoulder steak that can be slow-cooked to achieve a desirable tenderness much like the more coveted steak cuts

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