Fire up the barbie!

The Great British pub remains an integral part of British lifestyle with an impressive nine out of ten consumers (87%) visiting one last year.[1] And why not? As well as being steeped in history, pubs are the perfect location to grab a glass of something chilled or pull out a fork and socialise with friends and family. Now with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, you’ve got the ideal space for consumers to start chillin’ while you get grillin’!

“The best thing about BBQ season is the smoky and juicy flavours guaranteed to come wafting through as the various meat dishes sizzle on the barbie.  And, with a huge 91% of people still eating red meat and poultry,[2] it’s a great opportunity to push meat products to bump up margin.”

BBQ Season
Pig out with your burgers

“Nearly every menu with a burger section is riddled with beef and chicken, but strangely, often lacks pork.

“While the price of pork has increased, it remains one of the best value proteins on the market. It trumps beef’s versatility with cuts from steak, bacon, sausage, baby-back ribs and much more. These various cuts and products can also be prepared through different methods such as grilling, barbequing, roasting and frying.

“Why not try Campbell Brothers’ new ‘Pig Burger’, created in association with Marco Pierre White, and serve alongside a pickled red cabbage coleslaw to create the perfect balance of flavour and texture in one porky bite?

Holstein Pig Burger served
Holstein Pig Burger

“Alternatively, if you’re looking to prepare something with minimum effort but maximum flavour, try pork shoulder. Season with a dry rub of spices, sugar and salt, and barbeque low and slow. Just shred and serve, doused in a sticky BBQ sauce, in a seeded bun. A melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork burger that will feed many, whilst importantly keeping costs, like the cooking temperature, nice and low.”

Nose to tail

“Nose-to-tail cooking is still a massive trend across the hospitality industry, so consider utilising select lean cuts of pork, which will not only support sustainability and carcass utilisation, but also help with those tight budgets. Therefore, it will be key to work with a supplier that understands what you want and supplies the cuts of meat that best suit your requirements.

“At Campbell Brothers, we work with local suppliers wherever possible, to source pork for our customers. Red tractor, Freedom Food and QMS are just some of the certifications we are associated with.” 

The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat “Burgers, sausages and kebabs are sure to be on the menu this BBQ season, but the 85% of consumers visiting a pub just to eat don’t want something dry and bland.[3] Jacobs’s ladders and general rib and bone products are a sure-fire way to pack in flavour and ensure your barbequed meat is juicy, tender and leaves not only a lasting taste but also a lasting impression on your customers.

“Adopt the wow factor with a platter stacked with sticky, glazed BBQ chicken wings adorned with sliced red chillies and fresh spring onions. Think about what condiments will complement this dish and add a range of interesting dipping sauces for them to be dunked into, and you’ve got yourself a winning starter. It also works well as a sharing dish, perfect for the 67% of consumers who go to a pub to socialise.[1]

Stick it on a skewer

“Skewers are a great way to brighten up any barbeque and the chunky pieces of meat alongside fresh veggies create a beautiful, delicious and convenient bite. Load your skewers with cubes of steak, aubergines, red onion, peppers and courgettes to give your consumers a rainbow of flavour that would make Dorothy jealous!”

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