Chargrilled Porterhouse steak served

Prep time 15-20 minutes & cook time: dependant on steak size and what is required. Servings:  1 or 2 portions 


  • 1x 1kg Porterhouse steak
  • 350g Mashed potato
  • 80g Salted butter
  • 30g Double cream
  • 40g Salted butter
  • 100g Banana shallots
  • 600g Baby spinach
  • 100g Double cream listed again
  • 1g Ground nutmeg
  • 1g Whole black peppercorn
  • 2g Sea salt
  • 120g Slow cooked pulled beef cheeks in veal glace
  • 10x Shallots


1. Remove the steak from packaging and allow to breath.
2. Season with salt and oil and cook to required liking and allow to rest.
3. Mix the mash potato with cream and butter and keep warm.
4. Heat a frying pan, add butter and then cook sliced shallots until soft, add the washed spinach , cream and seasoning/ nutmeg and allow to cook out and keep warm.
5. Place the mash into a serving bowl and top with warmed pulled cooked beef cheeks and crispy onions then bake for 4-5 minutes in a hot oven.
6. Slice the steak and serve with dirty mash and creamed spinach.