We are national suppliers of Picanha steaks

The highest standard of food safety is used in the processing of our product line. We offer steak cuts that are suitable for a variety of customers at all price points, including high-end restaurants, bars, and hotels, as well as schools and care facilities, without sacrificing quality.

What are qualities of Picanha steaks?

A favourite of the Gaucho’s, picanha steak can be tenderised and has a great flavour absorption rate due to its grain. While it may not be quite as tender as the more prized cuts, apart from its fat cap, is relatively a lean cut with little marbling and is mouth-wateringly juicy.

At Campbell Brothers, all steak cuts are valued, even the less popular ones like the picanha, which are just as carefully chosen. We are very selective about where we get our meat from and make sure that every steak can be traced back to its original location.

How are Picanha steaks prepared?

We are passionate about all meat and poultry, but as a Scottish brand, have a particularly soft spot for beef. Every picanha steak in our range is individually hand cut by our skilled butchers in our modern butchery facilities.

As all of our meat is completely traceable and red-tractor assured, you can be confident that the picanha steaks we deliver are of the highest, most dependable quality. In order to support British farmers, we also source locally.

Since 1902, we have been perfecting the art of butchering and preparing amazing picanha steaks for our treasured customers, so reassured, we know what we are doing. We are aware that you may also require steaks cut to a specific requirement for various recipes, and we are happy to oblige.

Looking for inspiration?

Picanha steak is delicious grilled and sliced before serving. Traditionally in Brazilian culture the steaks are rolled, scored and skewered, then grilled over an open flame. It is also a great steak for roasting when using the whole picanha joint and again, slicing for serving.

Explore our other high quality steaks:

Our selection of steaks is exceptional. From the prized and popular cuts to those that are lesser known and underrated, but are still able to make delightful dishes to suit your guests.

The tender one…

Fillet is a divine, thick cut steak. It is lean with minimal marbling and tender with a delicate flavour.

The juicy one…

Succulent, tasty and moist, a Prime Rib steak is a delicious meaty steak and is even perfect for a Sunday roast.

The bold one…

Ribeye is a universal cut enjoyed by many. It’s thick and juicy, well marbled and flavourful.

The lean one…

Sirloin steaks are lean, mildly tender, juicy and very tasty. A perfect middle way between a succulent ribeye and a tender fillet.

The 'best of both' one…

This two-sided bone-in steak covers all the bases. It is lean and tender with a delicate flavour on one side and a beefier flavour on the other giving an extra-ordinary dining experience.

The show stopping one…

A tomahawk is a thick, juicy steak cut with plenty of marbling and therefore plenty of rich flavour. It is eye-catching with a full rib bone attached and perfect for sharing.

The fibrous one...

Bavette steak is lean and slim cut with a defined grain. It has a gamey texture, beefy flavour and absorbs juices well.

The braising one...

Flavourful and budget-friendly, beef daube is a delicious shoulder steak that can be slow-cooked to achieve a desirable tenderness much like the more coveted steak cuts

The steak lover's one...

With little marbling, rump steak is a leaner, healthier cut of steak that packs a punch with a rich beefy flavour and meaty texture.

The decadent one...

Small in size, but made up for in thickness, the Chateaubriand is one of the most tender steak cuts with a melt in your mouth texture and delicate beefy flavour.

The double-sided one...

With a succulent sirloin on one side and a tender fillet on the other, the prized porterhouse cut is a sizeable steak ideal for sharing as a meal for two

The flat iron one...

Although the featherblade steak has a coarser grain, it is extremely tender and well marbled which lends a delicious, rich beefy flavour to the meat.

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