Pork sausage roll with pulled hoisin duck

Serves 10 

Prep / Cook time 45 min

  • Seasoned pork sausage meat -500g
  • Slow cooked duck legs – 350g
  • Spring onion – 60g
  • Chopped garlic in oil -15g
  • Ginger puree -15g
  • Pure olive oil – 20ml
  • Hoisin sauce – 40ml
  • Coriander – 30g
  • Puff pastry sheets -1 sheet
  • Free range medium eggs -2
  • Black sesame seeds – 30g
1. Slice wash and dry the spring onion, heat the oil in a non stick pan on medium add the spring onion, garlic and ginger sweat off for 2 minutes, cool.
2. In a bowl mix the meats, spring onion mix, hoisin sauce, chopped coriander mix gently till relatively well combined.
3. Lay the puff pastry sheet out with wet hands divide the meat row at a time, width ways on the puff pastry, roll each row over to form a long sausage roll cut into 10 sausage rolls or to your desired size. You may have excess pastry left. Shape the sausage roll to the shape you prefer, with the seal being at the underneath of the roll or the seal to the side with it being fork pressed to close.
4. Separate one yolk from the egg and beat with a whole egg, slash the top of the pastry, brush with the egg leave for a minute and brush again till well glazed all over, sprinkle with black sesame seeds bake in the oven on 180oc till golden. Serve hot with oriental sauce.